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“Una de las ventajas de ser desordenado es que uno está continuamente haciendo nuevos y excitantes descubrimientos”
(Thomas Middleton)



The Uncomfortable Katerina Kamprani

"The Uncomfortable started as a twisted sadistic design project. It messed up it’s creator’s head [and the heads of people she knows]. It exists in sketches and 3d visualizations and has no meaningful purpose. It’s a parasite in the world of materialism and design."

fuck. you.

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Series of posters created for the love of math, nature, art, and education.

Prints available:

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How playing an instrument benefits your brain

Recent research about the mental benefits of playing music has many applications, such as music therapy for people with emotional problems, or helping to treat the symptoms of stroke survivors and Alzheimer’s patients. But it is perhaps even more significant in how much it advances our understanding of mental function, revealing the inner rhythms and complex interplay that make up the amazing orchestra of our brain.
Did you know that every time musicians pick up their instruments, there are fireworks going off all over their brain? On the outside they may look calm and focused, reading the music and making the precise and practiced movements required. But inside their brains, there’s a party going on.

From the TED-Ed lesson How playing an instrument benefits your brain - Anita Collins

Animation by Sharon Colman Graham

Are those astrocytes?!! I’m so charmed right now.

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realest thing I’ve seen in a while

this was so amazing. so thought provoking. an eye-opening social criticism.

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Lynn Skordal aka Paperworker - 1: Open Water (Suspended), 2014  2: Open Water (Afloat), 2014  3: Open Water (Adrift)  4: High Rise, 2014  5: Looking for Water on Mars, 2014  6: 12-Foot Spruce, 2013  7: Leaning Up, 2013    Handmade Collages: Cut + Paste

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Juan Ceal aka Jack Ceal (Argentina) - Playing High, 2013     Collages


Juan Ceal aka Jack Ceal (Argentina) - Playing High, 2013     Collages


Si usted gusta, la invito a que forme parte de mis insomnios, aunque francamente, yo quisiera que mejor viniera a compartirlos.

Locuras de una mente delirante (via un-simple-corazon)