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“Una de las ventajas de ser desordenado es que uno está continuamente haciendo nuevos y excitantes descubrimientos”
(Thomas Middleton)


Maria  Clara Eimmart, Ten Depictions of Heavenly Phenomena, (late 17th century)

Eimmart was the daughter of the history painter, portraitist and amateur astronomer Georg Christoph Eimmart, with whom she collaborated. Her father was director of the Malerakademie in Nürnberg but also established a private observatory. She was given a broad education in the fine arts, and specialized in botanical and astronomical illustrations. She made a series of some 350 drawings of lunar phases, observed by telescope, and captured on distinctive blue paper. Twelve of these were given to conte Marsili, a scientific collaborator with her father, of those twelve, ten survive in Bologna. She shortly thereafter married her father’s pupil and successor, the astronomer Johann Heinrich Müller and died in childbirth.

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Cut the shit, Ernie.

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Santa Claus Conquers The Martians  (1964)

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 | From: Feature Films
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 | Digital Copy: U.S. Public Domain

A series of gifs excerpted from Santa Claus Conquers The Martiansa film about Martians kidnapping Santa because there is nobody on Mars to give their children presents. (source: IMDB).

We invite you to watch the full video HERE


Una serie di gif estratte da Santa Claus Conquers The Martians: un film sul rapimento di Babbo Natale da parte dei marziani perché su Marte non c’è nessuno che possa portare i regali ai loro bambini.

Vi invitiamo a vedere il video originale QUI

EXCERPTS by OKKULT MOTION PICTURES: a collection of gifs excerpted from open source/unknown/rare/controversial moving images. A digital humanities project for the diffusion of open knowledge.




Artist Isaac Cordal (tumblr / facebook) - “With the simple act of miniaturization and thoughtful placement, Isaac Cordal magically expands the imagination of pedestrians finding his sculptures on the street. Cement Eclipses is a critical definition of our behavior as a social mass. The art work intends to catch the attention on our devalued relation with the nature through a critical look to the collateral effects of our evolution. With the master touch of a stage director, the figures are placed in locations that quickly open doors to other worlds. The scenes zoom in the routine tasks of the contemporary human being”.

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